Privacy Policy

Thanks for reading the privacy policy! Let's dive into what happens with your data on this site:


I use a self-hosted analytic tool to track which of my pages are most popular, and how my site is used. That data resides on my servers, and is not shared with any third parties. What you do on this site stays here; no Google Analytics or other third-parties tracking your activity.

My analytics respect Do Not Track—you can go to AllAboutDNT to learn more about Do Not Track, and to see if your browser sends a Do Not Track request—if you have Do Not Track enabled, my analytics will not track your visit.

Here are links to instructions for how to set Do Not Track for Chrome, and for Firefox.

Do Not Track is a voluntary standard and most websites do not honor DNT requests, so this may not provide any additional privacy for other websites.


The following data is collected in my analytics:

  • IP address
  • What pages are visited (and, in some cases, how long)
  • Browser type
  • Device type
  • Screen resolution


If you subscribe as a member, I'll also be storing the name and email you use to register, as well as any expertise details you enter in.

This information is only used for delivering site content to you (e.g through newsletters), and is collected explicitly: you'll know when you are sharing this data.


TwelveTables will always remain ad-free, and no member data will be sold or traded.

TwelveTables is currently not monetized. If I do monetize this site, I will do so through paid subscriptions using Stripe as my payment processor.


If you subscribe to a paid membership, you will need to provide the following information to Stripe (not to me):

  • Email address
  • Credit Card number, expiration, and CVV
  • Name on card
  • Country/region (+ ZIP if in USA)

Your credit card number is never shown to me, and not handled on my servers.

If you are not comfortable using Stripe, you can email me and figure out a Paypal or alternate solution.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, you can email me at TwelveTablesBlog [at] protonmail [dot] com.