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Curious about the name?

This article explains the meaning behind "Twelve Tables," and the three core virtues of this blog.

What you can expect:

Here are seven of my most-read articles:

Taking notes with Obsidian
Obsidian is a powerful note-taking application, but with a bit of a learning curve. This post provides a brief overview and detailed setup instructions.
Wrapper Development for Mythic C2
This how-to walks through building a generic C# wrapper for Mythic C2 version 2.1
Why “Twelve Tables”?
The “Twelve Tables” were a series of laws developed in Rome ~450BC. To me, and as the inspiration for this blog name, the Twelve Tables embody three virtues that I seek to pursue here.
Isaiah 29:13-16
Learning from Isaiah how to love God personally, depend on Him, and submit to His plans.
The Rubicon Theory of Social Media
Social media’s stated function as a vehicle for relationship and connection is generally inaccurate. Instead, social media’s structure most often causes users’ mindsets to become more aggressive, overconfident, and less rational.
Hacking/Infosec Resources
Hacking resources: links, tutorials, courses, and books on security. This post will continue to be updated with new resources.
Dances with Wolves: A Response to Nick Clegg’s ‘It Takes Two to Tango’
There are three critical issues with Clegg’s analysis of Facebook that need to be considered.

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