WYSK: 02/24/23

This Week: OGT: Short Weeks; 1. Dahl Edits; 2. Blurry JPEGs; 3. Russian Spies; 4. Police Stations.

WYSK: 02/24/23

What you should know from the week of 02/24/23:

  • One Good Thing: Four-day work weeks find success in the UK!
  • Dahl Edits: Extensive modifications made to the newest version of Roald Dahl's books;
  • Blurry JPEGs: Ted Chiang provides a simple and accurate description of ChatGPT;
  • Russian Spies: Increasing visibility of international conflict;
  • Police Stations: Chinese police stations abroad challenge sovereignty.

One Good Thing:

Dozens of U.K. companies will keep the 4-day workweek after a pilot program ends
Worker satisfaction went up and revenues remained steady during the six-month trial. Now, nearly all of the 61 companies that took part say they’ll continue offering the four-day workweek.

Results from a new pilot program at dozens of employers in the United Kingdom showed major benefits to workers' health and productivity when their hours were reduced — and a vast majority of firms plan to stick with the condensed schedule.

A trial of a four-day work week in the UK was—unsurprisingly–great for workers. But it was also good for the companies, and most of them are continuing with the program.

This trend seems to be slowly growing.