WYSK: 03/03/23

This Week: OGT: Drought Reduction; 1. BetterHealth Settlement; 2. Cyber Strategy; 3. SNAP Benefits; 4. Brain Images.

WYSK: 03/03/23

What you should know from the week of 03/03/22:

  • One Good Thing: Drought levels drop in California!
  • BetterHealth Settlement: Online counseling service BetterHealth settles with FTC over improperly sharing sensitive data with advertisers like Facebook;
  • Cyber Strategy: the Whitehouse releases the new National Cyber Strategy;
  • SNAP Benefits: Pandemic-era SNAP expansion ends, harming tens of millions of Americans;
  • Brain Images: New research dangles potential capability to 'read minds'.

One Good Thing:

Drought monitor spells good news for California, but ‘not out of the woods’ on megadrought
According to the latest drought monitor, the wet winter of 2023 has helped portions of the western U.S. out of exceptional and extreme drought.

The wet winter of 2023 has worked wonders on digging portions of the western U.S. out of exceptional and extreme drought, according to the latest drought monitor.
But one good season of precipitation isn't enough to eradicate the megadrought, which scientists continue to predict will last for years to come. The U.S. would need to see multiple wet winters to help replenish underground aquifers and reservoirs to return back to levels previously seen prior to the megadrought.

California's drought level has materially diminished!