WYSK: 03/10/2023

This Week: OGT: Ocean Treaty; 1. Norfolk Southern; 2. Ring Warrants; 3. Bar Breach; 4. DoD Pushback.

WYSK: 03/10/2023

What you should know from the week of 03/10/22:

  • One Good Thing: Ocean treaty!
  • Norfolk Southern: After a spate of accidents and an NTSB investigation, Norfolk Southern offers weasel words instead of accountability;
  • Ring Warrants: Ring surveillance cameras don't provide the advertised security of your home;
  • Bar Breach: The NYC Bar Association was breached, in line with ransomware actors' push for more impactful tagets;
  • DoD Pushback: The Department of Defense is the lone US holdout opposing sharing information on Russia war crimes with the International Criminal Court.

One Good Thing:

Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks
Countries have reached a landmark agreement to help put 30% of the world’s oceans into protection.

Nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the world's oceans following 10 years of negotiations.
The High Seas Treaty aims to help place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, to safeguard and recuperate marine nature.

There is still a lot of work before it gets really implemented, but this is fantastic news!