WYSK: 09/23/22

This Week: OGT: Sea Turtles; 1. Amazon Drivers; 2. Augury Collection; 3. Fat Leonard; 4. Uber Hack.

WYSK: 09/23/22

What you should know from the week of 09/23/22:

  • One Good Thing: Sea Turtles increase in Florida;
  • Amazon Drivers: Amazon workers harmed during heat wave;
  • Augury Collection: Broker buys your browsing data from Internet Service Providers and then sells it to the DoD, and others;
  • Fat Leonard: On the trail of corruption and bribery within DoD;
  • Uber Hack: Criminal teenagers continue to highlight the lax nature of security at major companies.

One Good Thing: Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Boom Astonished Volunteers in Florida With Best Nesting Season on Record
Volunteers counting the nests have been left ‘astonished’ and ‘ecstatic,’ and the reptiles’ fecundity this year.

From flooding in Pakistan, to drought in China and Europe, to fires and hurricanes in North America, the impacts of climate change feel grim and constant. And indeed it is an issue we need to address and prepare for.

But there is good news despite the major headlines:

Turtle counting teams have recorded the biggest nesting season on the Southwest Florida beaches of Bonita, Vanderbilt, and Naples, as well as Marco and Keewaydin Islands.

The area has more than double the amount of sea turtle nests that it did in 2005.

“We’ve never seen numbers like this,” Principal Environmental Specialist for Collier County Maura Kraus told the Marco Eagle newspaper. “And they are hatching really, really well. I had some underwater a long time and they still hatched.”